Catalyzing Connected Home Ecosystems

Consumer App

Generates a digital home profile of all network devices with status and matched self-help guides

Single stop to find and receive tech help from trusted social or professional networks

Ensures a secure home network through digital threat alerts

Agent Scope
Provides a shared digital profile view to troubleshoot with complete visibility

Integrates ticketing, collaboration, knowledge manager and role-based metrics in a single solution

Bridges social, installer and partner support networks to build a strong ecosystem

Insights Engine

Drives product and service personalization through APIs

Delivers comparative business intelligence to create, monitor and perfect marketing strategies

Generates actionable KPIs to improve product operations

Built on a Learning Platform for Digital Home Profiling and Knowledge Management

Installers & Integrators

Reducing costs with a holistic solution for remote after-install support
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Reducing operational costs significantly through an adaptive support platform

Service Provider

Driving contextual service upsells and personalized applications
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Supporting the insurance lifecycle by augmenting actuarial data, monitoring compliance and reducing fraud
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Enabling a superior CE lifecycle through the sale, setup, support and recycle steps

Rapid Onboarding

SSO, co-existence and easy integration with existing solutions—Consumers simply download the app; No additional hardware required.
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As creators of Digital Butler, the Holistic Labs team is committed to delivering a powerful solution that not only significantly reduces the cost and frustration of providing technical support but also creates exciting new digital home opportunities.
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